Our mission

History is far more than school books, period novels, tv dramas and documentaries about the Second World War. History is all around us and we at Memorandum want to reveal it for everyone to see!

We believe that to experience and understand historical or cultural events deeply, you need to see them where they originally happened. On indoor sites it is easy to enhance and deepen the visitor experience in enticing ways. The Memorandum solution to creating a memorable cultural experience is mobile technology with AR, historical sources and stories from the past.

Our services

  • Memorandum makes history accessible by bringing it directly to your mobile phone. We are experts in content heavy mobile application production and use technology as a tool to create new levels of historical and cultural understanding. Technology is molded to serve the authentic materials -not vice versa.


  • For museums, cultural and historical sites we offer our expertize in choosing the right medias, tools and technology for gamification and to tell their stories.


At Memorandum we bring together the expertize of people with a background in the humane sciences and IT. This way we can offer You a innovative and modern technological solution that is formulated around the knowledge of the substance material.