Memorandum is a company built around history, that provides a wide range of services related to the fields of historical research, consulting and scientific communications. Content production is our specialty, historians are essentially storytellers, and we do it in a modern way in accordance with our customers’ wishes. We show you the past in the present.

We use modern technologies to tell stories of the past, that is why one of our main services is a mobile application that brings historic sites to life like never seen before. The application takes advantage of the possibilities provided by AR, augmented reality, to show things about historic sites that would not otherwise be visible. Depending on the site it can be either demonstrating how a site was built or used, or to show underground structures on an archaeological site -or something completely different! The application works on many different kinds of sites from historic city centers, to archaeological sites, rock art and historical buildings or museums. The application is customised to each customer’s specific needs and can include many different kinds of media from photographs, to audio and video or interactive elements.