Why us?

We use versatile authentic materials to build app content. For example photos, videos, 3D modelings of museum objects or historical buildings. We can also produce videos to demonstrate the workings of old tools or dramatizations of different events. The user is kept motivated with a story, gamified and pedagogical elements. Each app is customized to meet the customer’s specific requirements and thus the end result is a unique product.

The past in the present

With an application it is possible to show a pre-historic site in its’ glory instead of the current ruined state. The dramatic changes in sceneries or city centers are easy to demonstrate on site with AR technology. History and culture can be used to motivate people to move around cities or taken on as a part of the city’s or site’s tourism strategy.

Visibility and accessibility

Our apps allow companies working in historically or culturally significant locations to take the past on as a part of their story in a modern way. For historically and culturally conscious companies this is a way to stand out from the competition. It is also possible to build different marketing and reward mechanisms in the app to lure in more customers

Enriching and deepening the content

In museums technology serves to deepen the visitor experience. With AR technology it is possible to demonstrate how different items were used in the past. Art museums can demonstrate how a certain piece was conducted or showcase other pieces by the same artist, thus allowing visitors to access their collections in a safe and easy way. Different gamified elements can be included as well as a pedagogical approach to the matter at hand. Memorandum apps are tools for learning, understanding and experience!