Mobile applications

We regenerate Your narrative via mobile applications

With the help of AR-technology, we bring historical places, persons and events to modern environment. Mobile apps makes it possible to gamify history education and exploring new sites and places! In a game you can utilize various means to search for a lost treasure, solve puzzles, find new routes and observe the area. Use the app to dive into the world of stories and games and bring history to your daily life!

Application as a part of marketing promotion

Through the unique features of an App, municipalities, towns and cities can utilise the app to promote their tourism, and companies can get formidable boost for their marketing. Augmented reality opens a window to a whole new kind of an experience. We’re offering a myriad of opportunities to find information, to use imagination, and to live in a new way!

What’s Your story? Contact us and let’s create a solution which represents your company the best!

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