Savonlinna Cruises

A cruise around the town of Savonlinna and a sightseeing tour of the Savonlinna archipelago

A map based application that allows the user to track the ship’s location on the cruise. To add more to the cruise experience there is information on the different sights along the route from historical facts and photos to a guaranteed sighting of the Saimaa ringed seal in AR form.



Agent adventure at the heart of Jyväskylä

This narrative game uses storytelling and gamification to introduce the player to the Finnish educational system, Finland, Finnish nature and culture in addition to Jyväsylä and Central Finland.

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Viikinlahti Campus

Welcome to the Viikinlahti Campus in Keuruu, Central Finland

The application introduces the Viikinlahti Campus and its services to the user. It uses GPS tracking to place you on the application map and allows you to book services and get information on what’s happening at the campus with its messaging service.


The Local Culture Hostel & Café

From a granary building to a hostel

There is a beautiful red brick building in uptown Jyväskylä near the University Campus that houses the The Local Culture Hostel & Café. The Local Hostel application tells you the story of the old building and the current occupant, the Local Hostel. It also has an AR game that allows you to catch an AR chicken to get a discount coupon to the café.

Kankaan Taika
(The Magic of Kangas)

Get to know the history of the industrial area of Kangas with the help of superintendent Hjalmar.

We have created a history themed story path to the application in collaboration with Zaibatsu Interactive and Kankaan palvelut Oy. The storyline allows you to dive deep into the industrial history of the area with historical photos and historical facts. You get to see the machines and industrial halls the factory housed and to learn how meaningful the social life built around the factory has been for many areas in Jyväskylä. 


Learn about the Sami culture and history!

Sompio -app is your guide to the Gallery Alariesto and Sodankylä museum of local history and culture. Get to know the local history and art with a digital guide and AR!


Hossa Värikallio

Your digital guide to the rock art of Värikallio in Hossa

Värikallio is a rock art site in the National Park of Hossa located in Suomussalmi in Northern Finland. The site dates back to the stone age and is the third largest rock art site in Finland.

The application map leads you to the rock wall in the national park. It acts as your portable guide while getting to know the art on the site and it also gives you background information on it and Finnish rock art in general. With AR technology you can even make your own painting to display on the wall and share it on social media.

Discover Jyväskylä

Experience Jyväskylä like never before!

Discover Jyväskylä brings the historical Jyväskylä to life on your phone screen. Meet famous citizens and visit current places with an eye on the past.

The app uses GPS tracking technology to locate you on the map and guides you easily to the historical spots. With augmented reality (AR) you can see the beautiful old buildings and glimpses from the past in a modern setting.