Our goal is to bring the past closer to people of modern day – through technology and storytelling!


Our clients consist of different operators and companies of cultural and tourism fields. These clients are searching for new memorable ways to teach, to guide and to communicate.


Types of implementation vary based the needs and objectives of the client. Our most usual product is a mobile application which acts as a virtual and interactive guide through the attraction. On top of this base application it is possible to build a variation of exhibitional ensembles as separate entities or in relation to the app. In these executions we utilise mobile technology, gamification, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and a variation of different hologram and image projectors. 

Your guide through the implementation process is our multi talented team, comprising of educated professionals in the fields of archeology, history and game development, who have a wide field of experience in creating compelling narratives.


Past and history are shared narratives of humanity – our story – and they belong to everyone. Through the understanding of our past we can better understand who we are and who we will become. History also helps us to understand the social phenomena of our age. 

We believe that by finding new memorable and interactive ways of telling about the past, we can not only reach an immense amount of people already interested with history, but also those people who haven’t yet found their way to familiarise themselves with phenomena of the past. Simultaneously we can help our own clients to tell their own story in an exciting and compelling way.

We create supreme historical & digital experiences