Mobile solutions make almost everything possible

Mobile applications are versatile tools: use them for educational purposes, as memorable mobile guides or engaging games. They are very effective in public relations as a new way to reach out to your customers; interactive, user friendly and always available on their own mobile devices.


We bring interesting characters and past events to life in a modern way to any environment with AR technology. With an app we can turn a guided tour into an experience: you can look for hidden treasures, solve puzzles, find new routes and observe your surroundings in a new way. Dive into stories and games with an app and allow them to become a part of your everyday life.

Applications in public relations

Use apps for marketing and improving tourism in your company, town or county. Augmented reality (AR) makes it possible for your clients to see and experience things like never before. We offer countless new ways to visualize information and are here to make a product that fits your needs perfectly. Let’s create a new level of interaction for you and your clients.

Our Products

Interactive mobile guide, XR escape room, XR treasure hunt, photo and video projections, “living paintings” and holograms.

Unique AR advertisement, AR business card or other solitary AR elements and mobile solutions.


Exhibition design

Let us assist you with exhibition design and execution. Our team of professionals from varied backgrounds can offer you new ideas and viewpoints to make a more versatile and interactive display. We are happy to turn your exhibition into an unforgettable experience.

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Let us help you find funding for your project

Should you need any help with landing more funds to make your project possible, we can help you with the application process. We offer consulting with project funding especially for museums and organisations working with culture. Let us  help you find new perspectives and tools to make the application process smoother!

Other services

While developing an application for you we can update your website and other brand material to make a unified combination.

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